CityVerve Project

CityVerve brings together the brightest minds and pioneering use of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to redefine ‘smart’ in the context of a living, working city. It aims to build and deliver a smarter, more connected Manchester. Creating a city that uses technology to meet the complex needs of its people. Imagine a Manchester of endless possibilities from new business and jobs to better healthcare and transport; safer streets; and more engaged and empowered citizens.

After all, a city is brought to life by the people that live, work and play at the heart of it. This project isn’t really about streets, buildings or buses. Nor is it just about giving cutting edge connectivity to sensors and devices. It isn’t about ‘things’ at all, it’s about people.

That’s why every aspect of CityVerve, from transport right through to healthcare, is being driven by our team of real world experts. We’re teaming this incredible expertise with cutting edge technology; engineered and delivered by the greatest minds from across the globe.

And this isn’t just a reality for Manchester; CityVerve aims to create a blueprint for smart cities worldwide. See more at